Capacity Building and Fundraising

As a nonprofit fundraising/development consultant, Jeff has helped organizations raise over $10 million in grants from foundations and government entities. He has taught graduate and undergraduate classes on grant writing and served on federal grant review panels. He has also served as an Interim Director of Development and has helped many nonprofit organizations institute the systems necessary for building a base of financial support from individuals and organizations, i.e., donors, as well as from foundations.

Jeff will ensure that your nonprofit organization incorporates the following three critical components when creating a plan and process for developing a base of foundation support

  • Research- It all starts with identifying foundations that are well matched to your nonprofit organization. This requires extensive research to truly understand each funder’s mission, funding history, preferences, past giving, and many other factors.
  • A compelling proposal- The goal of any proposal is to explain in as compelling and clear a way as possible, an organization’s mission, the problem it addresses, the people its serves, and its impact.
  • Organization- At the beginning of our work with a client, we typically develop a year long submission schedule- a schedule for submitting proposals to 20-40 foundations identifying deadlines, the initial approach, amount to be requested, key information about the foundation, and proposed submission date.

We methodically submit all proposals, working collaboratively with the client to develop connections to foundations along the way.

Sample Projects

Treehouse Foundation- Consulted to organization raising funds for a $10.2 million multi-generational community in Easthampton, MA for families adopting children from foster care. Raised over $750,000 for start-up organization.

Boston Public Schools- Wrote several multimillion-dollar grant proposals.

Northeastern University- Taught graduate and undergraduate courses on grant writing and foundation research.